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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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and you. but as wayland president nicolas maduro blames the u.s. in colombia for an assassination attempt rebel group claimed responsibility. i'm sam is a damn this is a live from dollhouse so coming up it's a jewish state and the not the jewish we ask the government and all the number of members of the knesset a good deal each of these two all. led by the druze community tens of thousands of people protest against israel's new nation state law. still in prison still one of brazil's most popular presidents the silver is nominated to run for
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office again plus. bail denied in zimbabwe opposition politicians are in court on charges critics say are politically motivated. but as well as president nicolas maduro has survived an attempted assassination while speaking at a military parade the incident was caught on state television showing a dual being whisked away to safety with just a few hours later the accusations began my camera for us this is a live broadcast of the ceremony on national television the camera begins to shake and president maduro looks into the air alongside his wife celia flinches as explosion sound before the feed is cut. soldiers who had been on parade are seeing the in panic number reported to be injured in the blasts. although only
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investigation as they were dense that shows those that don't in the constitution figure are doing his will in the public. in a group calling itself the last day for a net loss claimed responsibility in a series of tweets this one with the phrase time is running out a few hours after the attack president maduro addressed the nation saying right wing groups within the country were responsible but also accusing the colombian president one manual santos of involvement in looking for a mark and i have to inform you that some of those who carried out the attack against me today have already been apprehended and they are now being processed in nothing although they are they tried to assassinate me and i have no doubt that everything points to the right the venezuelan ultra right in alliance with the colombian ultra right and that the name of one man well santos is behind this attempt of president maduro praying to victory in the elections earlier this year
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but his political opponents insisted the process was rigged many venezuelans hold him accountable for a major economic collapse that could see the inflation rate hit one million percent by the end of the year mike hanna. there has been a huge protest in israel led by the druze community against the controversial nation state law it defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language tens of thousands of people crammed into tel aviv's rabin square on saturday waving druze flags and holding signs calling for the bill to be revoked the druze are considered loyal to the state it's the first time in recent history they've staged the last a large protest more now from andrew symonds who's been at the protest site. it's rare for the druze to protest in public at all and these are extraordinary numbers at one stage robin square was packed with people jewish people young people old
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people not only the labor and the other left wing parties of the trail represented here but ordinary folk coming in off the street have to listen. as far as the jews are concerned they are adamant that this law has to be changed radically or ditched i travel to bates jang in northern galilee to find out what the people were saying on the ground. some of his from a minority excluded by israel in its nation state law she's a druze arab and her two sons were killed during military service for israel. she makes a promise. that if this law doesn't change i will get your bodies exuma in this military cemetery and bury you in your grandfather's land. back home is her youngest son yeah i mean his brother's fuad who was eighteen and
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twenty three year old sylar gave compulsory service in the military yeah mean became a prison officer in an israeli jail and he says that experience changed his perspective he became a human rights lawyer and activists for palestinians in the occupied west bank. i feel sad in the blood of my brothers was sheered and praying for a lie in an illusion they may have thought the military would give them rights but it was just proves that israel used them like mr aris. the druze are in all ranks for example major general camille abu rukun is the new coordinator of operations in the occupied territories there is no public comment from him any soldier showing dissent is suspended. we ask the soldiers and officers not to get involved in this load and to depend on us terry for and his delegation were given the promise of a new law giving benefits to minorities in the military but back in beit jan and
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elsewhere that isn't enough most feel nothing short of scrapping the nation state law will do you can still sense the anger here despite political developments and questions about loyalty continue to reverberate one of them whether young people will still feel the same way about joining the israeli army. this former soldiers loyalty is tested measure completed his military service before setting up a restaurant business now he doesn't want his son to become a soldier. it's up to him but now i say military service shouldn't be compulsory it's all a lie that we've been living for a long time and the nationality law made this very clear. bates jans dead soldiers make the feeling of betrayal him more potent more than sixty names written in hebrew and below what now becomes an unofficial arabic one of many measures
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in what most people in this village believe is a racist little. the question now is how much more pressure can be put on the government will there be any change will it's highly unlikely that benjamin netanyahu will change his policies but then public pressure can affect us there are further protests planned not only by crews who represent two percent of the population but also the israeli arabs who represent twenty percent and then of course the option of more possible demonstrations or the joining of demonstrations by jews is unclear no one knows really where this is going right now. families in garza have held funerals for two palestinians killed by israeli forces on friday fifteen year old and twenty five year old died during clashes along the gaza border between the two hundred twenty others palestinians have been staging weekly
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protests for more than four months now they're demanding better living conditions and the right to return hundred fifty seven palestinians have been killed since the protests began. with the rebels in yemen say they've attacked the king holiday air base in southern saudi arabia using an armed drone the houthi say they targeted the runway used by the saudi and numerati led coalition to launch air strikes on the enemy the rebels unveiled a so-called passive one drone last year they've used it to attack an oil facility in the airport in saudi arabia the conflict armament research group says the drones do not carry missiles but they have been used as suicide drones to target saudi air defenses in yemen mohammed atta has the latest from neighboring djibouti. a spokesman for the who fights us said that they are tucked out of runway on the king khalid in the south of so that it be it which is mainly used by sodhi and u.a.e.
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fly to jets to carry out our talks on the positions of filthy fighters inside yemen he called the targets justified and said this is a wall and that they were fighting so d. and you attempts to try and impose an popular government all the people off yemen it's not the force timed with the fight is claimed to have kind of alpha tocs deep is so deep and you eat teddy teddy last week they claim to have a tucked them oil refinery in the saudi cup it's all reality on that one sixth of july they say that kind of out on a toc or an international airport something that was quickly didn't night buy you a officials if it is true that they've been cutting out these attacks it tells you that the who's the fight us up to the teeth on the so you equally should family believes that it's iran that is supplying them who fight us with these weapons and
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one of the reasons why they're cutting out the toc on the city of they that and want the huth east kate saying it is a port which they have been using to rearm themselves. the brazilian workers' party has endorsed former president louis' than our solar the silver as his candidate for october's election that's despite him being in jail for corruption a money laundering tunnel showing lies in sao paolo and looking into why supporters want him back in power. will make brazil happy again that's the party slogan but his supporters believe despite him serving a twelve year prison sentence they say they'll keep backing him until all options to release him are exhausted he's a political. prisoner right now because there is not in our view the. defeat of proofs for his guilt we think that the his judgment has
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a strong political tone and we consider that he's not. he's not a guilty even if lula is allowed out in the actual court must decide if he's eligible to stand if lewis seems like he does not run in october's elections he's going to be a difficult man to replace one of the other twelve candidates even comes close no them getting more than fifteen percent in the opinion polls and many of them far less than that. for gaining support and attracting controversy is the military man jailed for not all he tells his audience what they want to hear all of that while others are outraged he's expressed his admiration for donald trump and some have compared him to the u.s. president. i know the discomfort i have caused to what we call the establishment or the machine the system we know that i am the ugly duckling in
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the story but i'm sure we will soon be beautiful. a key figure in that establishment is sure all the while coming while at the other end of the political spectrum and splitting the left wing vote for an ally of the jailed leader cyril gomez and the former environment minister in loose government but he. is still that loven me i'm running for the third time s a candidate in a very delicate situation i believe my political integrity will prevail the brazilian people should no longer be left out of the traditional political structure. the finance minister in the current government and became a release hardly registers an indication of the deep unpopularity of president michel tema but perhaps the greatest statement in a country where voting is obligatory is that more than half the electorate either doesn't know who it will vote or even whether they'll vote at all than shwe and then i'll just stop all. still ahead on al-jazeera speeding up the asylum process
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all i'm selecting refugees germany opens its new anchors centers. plus why the summer heat is causing war so worries in a country of canada. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. alan has been more thunder in the caucasus and there are still showers showing up further south in the caspian coast into iran but there's precious little in the way of rain for a round or rock and you wouldn't expect it's b.s. middle of summer of course so it's breezy sometimes dusty and of course hot forty five a study for across baghdad fifteen degrees lower back on the coast of the mediterranean is no real change in the immediate future there's an increasing cloud in pakistan and maybe coming across the southeast of iran
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a hint you've got some potential for rain coming out of that that's also reflected in the high ground in north and east in man and possibly the entocort of saudi salala cilla twenty six reflects this persistence of humid weather and drizzle and cloud by day and by night very pleasant but very different as well otherwise it's a hot breeze bringing forty five degrees back to doha probably dusty rather than hubert which is different in southern africa on the real tips from the western cape ra and towards durban we have seen clouds and rain i think we'll see more rain coming to cape town at fourteen degrees with the most part of course is warmish by day and pretty cold by night. the weather sponsored by qatar these. corrupt officials have been ousted. and the activists of the chinese villager who
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can take center stage in on the president and local elections. in the last of a remarkable series filmed over five years al-jazeera documents from back of a new village committing. rebels to politicians part one a boot camp china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. back you're watching observe time to recap the headlines now but as well as president nicolas maduro is accusing colombia and a group of financier's in the u.s. of attempting to assassinate him or do it or speaking as a military parade in caracas when an explosion interrupted the event he was not
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hurt but several national guards were. the truth community in israel as a huge protest against the controversial nation state law that defines israel as a jewish state downgrades the arabic language the troops are considered loyal to the state it's the first time in recent history they've staged a large protest. brazil's workers' party has nominated jailed former president. of the silver for october's election. serving twelve years in prison for money laundering and corruption. thousands on their guard ones are crossing the border into neighboring costa rica to escape ongoing violence in their homeland more than three hundred people have been killed since large scale anti-government protests began in april our latin america editor lucy newman has more from san jose costa rica. this is some of the same. people you see here are all.
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thousands and thousands of people who have been fleeing the crisis back home and it is overwhelming the resources of the small central american country the united nations high commission for refugees is praising costa rica for keeping its doors open to nicaragua refugees and asylum seekers but it is asking the international community to provide support to this country and for other nations to also share in the burden of taking in the refugee needs. the closer we can immigration authorities tell us that they're processing some two hundred refugee request a day but the backlog is growing as the number of nicaraguans crossing over the porous border increased its. nicaraguan vice president for side who would deal with also the president's wife said on friday that quote progress is being made to consolidate peace after more than three months of anti-government protests and violent reprisals from paramilitary groups however the protests calling for
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president daniel ortega resignation continue in nicaragua as do the number of people who say they've had to leave to save their lives more than twenty opposition supporters in zimbabwe have been denied bail after they were arrested and charged with inciting public violence six people were killed on wednesday when soldiers opened fire at a protest against a legit vote rigging in monday's election. in the capital. police say these people were responsible for election violence in harare on wednesday. the supporters of zimbabwe's main opposition party the movement for democratic change they've all been charged with inciting violence and refused bail . and b.c. officials say the charge is a politically motivated because the government's trying to prevent a legal challenge to the result of monday's election. lost the election and after losing the election he's away about a large majority of the people in this country don't support him and is afraid of
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them reacting to that. in order to manage the population he has to to to arrest us to fear in everyone's heart and mind president. the ruling zanu p.f. party was announced the winner the opposition say about four hundred thousand votes added to his count after the polls closed and their candidate lost and she was the true winner the international observers are yet to publish their final report the electoral commission and zanu p.f. deny vote rigging you don't invite observe us so that you are then. i think a lot of people wanted to make sure that this clean free and fair election is my. elementary results were announced wednesday petitions supporters to speak to them protested the army was deployed in the city
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six people were shot dead most of them bystanders. cynthia my post there was one of them she was a fifty three year old mother of two eyewitnesses say she was shot in the back by a soldier trying to run away. rights groups say that initially her past morton stated that she died of a stab wound until their lawyers pressured government doctors to correct it she died of a gunshot wound he said for years they've had problems properly documenting the deaths of those killed by the army or the police and this is something that hasn't changed since the days of former leader robert mugabe when he was deposed by the army in november a new zimbabwe was promised by his successor. people here hoped it would be better than this markham web al-jazeera harare zimbabwe now the health ministry in the democratic republic of congo says three more people
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have died from the latest outbreak of the a bowl of virus the number of confirmed cases has risen to thirteen the world health organization says the outbreak poses new problems because it's in north kivu province several armed groups are fighting there. gun control activists in the u.s. have marched on the headquarters of the powerful lobby group the national rifle association calling for tighter regulations on firearms rob reynolds is at the protest in fairfax virginia. a large group of people have gathered outside the headquarters of the national rifle association in suburban washington they are demanding changes in the nation's gun laws and here you can see that on the ground here are photographs of some of the people who have recently died as a result of gun violence this of course adding a great emotional punch to this event there are also
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a number of people here are issuing or expressing their support for the n.r.a. and disputing with some of the members of the crowd but the police have kept them at quite a distance from the main crowd so it's been an entirely peaceful event this is an outgrowth of the march for our lives movement that began after the slayings at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida earlier this year students from that group are supporting this rally they've also been traveling around the country in a bus caravan trying to get people organized to vote on issues of gun control what they would like to see among other things is a comprehensive. ban on assault weapons in the united states universal background checks of all people including people who sell guns privately or in so-called gun shows as well as an end to the issue that recently
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came to the fore of three d. principal guns all of these things that people here say are leading to mass carnage in the united states we had an opportunity to talk to a lady who's who lost her husband in the recent killings at a newspaper in an apple is my husband works in the sale in town where the men's to war pink shorts. it was a bucolic lovely little town. and it happened there and her. in elementary schools it happens in high schools happens in movie theaters there's nowhere doesn't happen anymore so we can't afford to be complacent if we want to be safe we need. to be sensible gun control and come out of our corners with their dukes down and find out where we agree because i think there's lots of room for agreement here in addition to demanding stricter gun laws people here are mounting
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a strong drive to register people to vote and to vote on this issue including young people the age for voting in the united states is eighteen years old eighteen year olds do not have a strong record of voting in great numbers but the people here who are organizing this and events like it hope to change that police in the u.s. state of oregon have broken off a right wing rally in the city of portland. flashbang devices were used to disperse hundreds of demonstrators and counter protests police say the crowds who ordered to leave after throwing rocks and bottles at offices germany's began opening while it's cold centers where refugees can stay while they seek asylum government ministers say the shelters can speed up asylum applications but critics say the move further isolates refugees dominic kane reports from bavaria. on a hot day in august people cute into the regensburg and care center right now this
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is their home inside a series of residential blocks makeshift children's play areas and offices kitchens with ample space to feed the hundreds of people expected there are classrooms where children will be encouraged to learn german all part of an effort to ease the worries of people whose status remains undecided if not all i know is what you did but if they keep telling me to wait every week every day the police come to deport people to finland iraq syria sweden what is that everyone is afraid they'll get sick if they stay in here every day we're stressed about getting deported we don't need anything from here i just want to stay here in germany and work and make a good life for myself. in fact this center has been housing migrants and refugees for some time meaning not much is really new here other than the name analysts say
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the principle of the scheme is to bring all the migrants in the agencies processing them into one manageable area the centers were sold as innovation and some of these elements i think the centralization of different authorities in one place could be a good innovation but to what extent will it happen the next month have to show something the man who came up with the plan will be particularly keen to see. is. the point is to maintain order while preserving humanity we need to balance readiness to help with what is actually possible to achieve no country can take an unlimited number of refugees. the federal government clearly believes that institutions like this one and the other six being set up are an answer to the migration crisis but still the question over civil liberties about the access people have in these institutions is something that's really playing on the minds
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of many people not least the families in this anxious center many of whom have been living with uncertainty for a long time dominic kane al-jazeera reagan spoke now weeks of low rainfall and high temperatures have left the neverland struggling with a water shortage countries experiencing its driest summer ever recorded slow long spark explains with more than half their country below sea level the dutch have spent centuries mastering the technique of keeping the water out this summer however they find themselves running dry the netherlands like most of northern europe is experiencing a heat wave persistent high temperatures combined with a lack of rain have resulted in a record breaking drought but unlike other countries it's not a shortage of drinking water that worries people here the most important task in
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times of droughts rests upon the shoulders of the local dike or flood barrier inspectors'. was only when you were kind of a soul in a way here the lowest point in the netherlands checking on the dikes which are vulnerable to drought. during a drought the dikes can dry out causing them to become weaker and less capable of holding back the water. hold a little the soil is now so dry that a single shower won't do it will really need two weeks of rainfall to bring the dikes back to strength the dyke a hole in the border it may not be instantly obvious but this country success relies on a delicate water balance the rhine river originating in this race is crucial to fill up the lakes and push back to sea water preventing it from tilting up the lens but as the river water level drops bombs have to be activated to help its branches flow in some provinces farmers are being told to stop irrigating their lands even
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if it means using their crops this lake behind me is the reason that for now dutch people aren't too worried the ice or mary is the key water reservoir in the netherlands in times of drought but even this huge water besson containing about three and a half million olympic swimming pools of fresh water could hit critical levels if it doesn't start raining in the next few weeks. well the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events around the world are being attributed to climb to nj people in the netherlands now wonder if their dry summer on record could be just the start of things to come but we can expect more summers like this in the future where it's really a big drop problem we are very good in managing to watch water now we have to learn how we can manage through the water with the forecast showing no significant rains over the next two weeks the dutch are facing a real stress test for the future in
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a changing climate here announced both al-jazeera amsterdam the netherlands. as take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now but as well as president nicolas maduro is accusing colombia and a group of financier's in the u.s. of attempting to assassinate him but do it i was speaking at a military parade in caracas when an explosion interrupted the event he was not hurt but seven national guards were dura addressed the nation shortly after the attack in notting although i have no doubt that everything points to the right to the venezuelan ultra right in alliance with the colombian ultra right and that the name of one of manuel santos is behind this attack the druze community in israel as they are huge protest against the controversial nation state law it defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language the druze arkansas loyal to the state
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it's the first time in recent history they staged a large protest. families in garza held funerals for two palestinians who were killed by israeli forces on friday a fifteen year old and twenty five year old died during clashes along the gaza border which wounded two hundred twenty others palestinians have been staging weekly protests for more than four months now demanding better living conditions and the right to return one hundred fifty seven palestinians have been killed since the protests began brazil's workers' party has nominated jailed former president louise in as you alluded to silva for october's election girl is currently serving twelve years in prison for money laundering and corruption poll suggests he still remains the most popular leader in brazil. police in the u.s. state of oregon have broken off a right wing rally in the city of portland i i flash bang
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devices were used to disperse hundreds of demonstrators and counter protesters police say the crowds were ordered to leave after throwing rocks and bottles at officers it's the third rally to be organized in the city this summer by the right wing patriot prayer group the health ministry in the democratic republic of congo says three more people have died from the latest outbreak of the about the virus number of can cases has risen to thirteen the world health organization says this outbreak poses new problems because it's in north kivu province several groups are fighting there. was the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after work can. be their lives. it created the modern world. the slave trade language the geography and the very fabric of human civilization upon it were built the great western palace and
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was constructed and hierarchy of races but how did it come about and what became of it. the same avery brooks coming soon on al-jazeera tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. i. think. to cancer villages rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders to step down after decades of corruption. i.


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